CP06 Circle Registration

CP06 Registration

Appr. Circle Count: 200
Appliaction Deadline: 10th May 2019 17:59

Application Result: On or before 6th June 2019(Approx.) (Circle will be notified individually)

Application Process

Create a new CPRS account or login to an existing one:

If you have any CPRS account related question, please email us at doujincp@iesg.com.hk titled 【CPRS account question】。

Fill in the following applcation form:

CP06 Circle Application Form

Hong Kong/Mainland China: Please deposit / transfer the fee at designated bank account after you recieved our payment notice and retain your payment record until the event ended.

Overseas cirlce: Please arrive at the venue on the day before the event / on the day of event before 9:30 to make the payment.

Rental Detail

  • Booth Fee:
    Discount avalible if circle had fill in the pre-registration from during the last event.
  • Inclued Item:
    • 1 table (60cm X 150cm) and 3 Chairs
      [for the days registered (26th-27th July 2019), (28th-30th 2019), or (26th-30th 2019)], and
    • 3 Cirlce Pass (each pass can be use to enter the venue 5 times per day)
  • 【Why the circle pass have an entrence limit?】 Due to the entrance pass abuse case in the pass, HKACG have limit the amount of entrance quota on the pass. Sorry for any inconvinience caused.
  • To simplified the payment process for overseas circle, it is possible to pay the the day of the event. Please refer to the following table for appication fee. (Please note only Hong Kong dollar is accepted for the payment).
    2 Days (26,27) 1600 1400 22800
    3 Days(28-30) 1900 1650 27000
    5 Days(26-30) 2800 2400 40000
  • If you have lost your circle pass, please report to us immediately. Additional pass is avalible for HKD$350.
  • Due to local law restriction, any visitor from Mainland China or overseas who is holding travel document is not allowed to involve in direct sale of goods and supply of services to the general public. Please prepare your own salesperson at the booth. We will also be providing staff for the circle as the salesperson. Contact us at doujincp@iesg.com.hk if you have any questions.


Should you have any inquiry, please email us at doujincp@iesg.com.hk titled 【CP06 Regisstrarion Inquiry】